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Meet your Wonder

Wanda Vazquez, REALTOR®

Finding the right home is not just about the property but its potential.  Wanda Vazquez has the experience working with architects, designers, and home builders to make the most of that potential.  She is a real estate professional that can buy, sell, or rent property in the Austin and Dripping Springs area.   

Native to Puerto Rico, she understands that home is more than a place, it is where all the important moments of your life happen.  After graduating from the University of Texas in 1996, she fell in love with Austin and stayed.  A second degree in design, brought her into the home renovation industry and she helped many homeowners in deciding what was the best options for their homes.  Every job was personal, and she approached it as if you were family.  Often referred to as “Wonder Woman” because of her ability to manage all aspect of the job  and where necessary be a warrior to advocate her client’s needs. Her ability to fluently speak multiple languages adds to her skillset.

As Austin continues to grow, you need to have someone that see a perfect home for you now and in the future. Let her help you find the home  that meets your lifestyle and financial needs.

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Meet the
Gilmore Team
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Wanda Vazquez, Bob Kenney, Jimmy Gilmore & Olga Gilmore

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